Pesta Rakyat “Jom BERSIH” – Feb 23

Yellow Wave 1

Did you miss the historical moment of November 10 when 50,000 Malaysians gathered together to demand for electoral reform?

Now, dont miss this one – Pesta Rakyat “Jom BERSIH” (unofficial translation: “Let’s go BERSIH” People’s Carnival)

When? – 23 February 2008 (yellow Saturday again!)

Where? – Merdeka Stadium, Bukit Jalil Stadium or Dataran Merdeka

How? – BERSIH will apply for permit this time to spare the police an excuse to lock down KL

Why? – Because we will not accept anything but clean, free and fair elections!

Pesta Rakyat “Jom BERSIH” 1 (Photo: Merdeka Review)

Because nothing has substantially changed in the electoral process since November 10!

EC has done nothing on the five immediate demands of BERSIH:

1. A Clean-up of Electoral Rolls.

2. Employment of Indelible Inks.

3. Abolition of Postal Voting for Military and Police Personnel and Spouses.

4. Free and Fair Media Access for All Parties and Candidates.

5. A Campaign Period of Minimum 21 Days.

So far, the EC has done nothing but spending RM16 million spent on 50,000 “transparent” ballot boxes — RM320 per box.

Yes, Tan Sri Rashid has made a claim in the Star on Jan 9 that “the electoral roll is now free of dubious voters”.

Clean electoral roll is but the minimum requirement for a clean elections. But wait a moment, even this is not done! Just check the EC voter registration website for these IC numbers: 991214740101, 910815750017 and 981231081137, whose owners were likely to have been born in the 19th Century. Are they still alive? We don’t know but they may walk to the polling booths come next elections!

Equally alarming, Sharmila Thuraisingam of Subang Jaya and Eric Liew Chee Ling of Petaling Jaya have been registered without their knowledge respectively at parliamentary seat of Kubang Kerian, Kelantan and state seat of Sekinchang, Selangor currently held by PAS and DAP respectively. (To understand why these stuffs happen, read the Dummy’s Guide for Poll Rigging.)

Ms Thuraisingam and Mr Liew unfortunately will not be the last voters abducted to constituencies they know nothing about. You might find yourself “electorally abducted” to somewhere else too!

You have always been the boss of the government because you pay taxes (direct and indirect ones). Elections is the time that you get what you have paid for – the power to hire and fire.

Do you care how your hard earned monies are spent? Do these two things:

1. check your voter registration, if you haven’t.

2. block out Feb 23 for the Pesta Rakyat Jom BERSIH – it’s the time we Malaysians regardless of colours (we are all Yellow) and creeds voice our very humble demands: No dirty elections!


2 responses to “Pesta Rakyat “Jom BERSIH” – Feb 23

  1. “JOM BERSIH” in every Constituency to come!!
    1. Complete and not Supplementary Electoral Roll to be provided.

    2. 1 million out of 5 million potential voters registered. It is not a responsible answer!!
    Roll of unregistered voters should be on line for each constituency to check.
    IC and EC must show what efforts been done to the rest.

    3. EC Chief be discharged if no satisfactory explanation on how 10,254 votes missing in last
    Kuala Terangganu vote.

    4. “Jom BERSIH” should be conducted in major cities with Internet Conferences to KL so more people and cities can join without over jamming KL!

    Every Constituency should send their request to Bersih to join.

    Clean and Fair Election for ALL Constituencies to run!!

  2. Prompt registration within a known time frame (say a week) should be added to the demand.

    Made these as a Declaration of Demand for the “Jom Bersih”.

    Do an e-mail and SMS polling until that date to see how many are agreeable to the Demand.

    Let the number of Polling be accounted for the “Jom Bershih” also!!

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