Looking for an Up-close and Personal Experience of Elections?

Elections 2004-001

Elections are just around the corner. It’s 4-5 years once.

Wanna have an up-close and personal experience of elections?

You can be a candidate, if you have minimum RM 8,000 (effective total deposit for a state contest) or RM 15,000 (a parliamentary contest).

You can work for a candidate or party you like. They need canvassers, polling agents, counting agents, writers, fund raisers, campaign managers, etc.

You can take up a social-political issue – gender sensitivity, crime, environmental protection, community school – and campaign for it so that voters and even candidates may buy your ideals.

You can monitor elections as a volunteer for observer groups like Malaysians for Free and Fair Elections (MAFREL).

You can also be a “seasonal” journalist. Trust me, journalism is a great job. Even Dr Chua wanted it for his second career. Now, Malaysiakini is providing you free training on January 26 (Saturday) and pay you daily allowance and basic expenses if you can work for them for ten days. (What to do? Malaysiakini has little confidence that BERSIH will succeed in its fifth demand of 21-days campaign period.) Seize the opportunity now as they are taking only 10-20 people.


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