Go, Rashid, go!


“What sort of Election Commission administers elections just so that one party can participate and win hands-down?” BERSIH has called upon the Election Commission (EC) Chairman to resign over his inappropriate statement to challenge the opposition parties to boycott the elections if they doubted the integrity of elections and EC. (the full statement with latest evidence of electoral frauds below.)

If Dr Chua Soi Lek can resign over his private misconduct, is it not the time for Tan Sri Rashid to also do the honourable thing to own up for his contempt of Constitution? The Election Commission is way more important to the democracy of Malaysia and needs more clean-up than the Ministry of Health. Your job is untenable now by your own word and deed, Tan Sri Rashid. Join BERSIH in this call: “Go, Rashid, go!”

Rashid’s Freudian slip has demonstrated his true perception of elections – a game for the ruling coalition to claim the trophy that even the absence of other contestants does not matter. When the Election Commission chief sub-consciously sees himself serving an one-party state where elections can be held without the opposition parties, do Malaysians need more evidence and proof that understand why elections in Malaysia are not free, not fair and not clean?

Is it therefore any surprise that EC has been silent on the illegal act of BN putting up banners and flags even before the parliament is dissolved? Is it therefore any surprise that Ms Sharmila Thuraisingam (No KP: 73xxxx145444) who has been born and bred, grown up and has a NRIC address at Subang Jaya can be registered for the polling district of Kg Wakaf Zain for the state seat of Salor and the parliamentary seat of Kubang Kerian in Kelantan? Is it therefore any surprise tens of thousands of Malaysians have had to take it to the street to express their dissatisfaction and distrust of elections and the political system at large?

Rashid has shown his contempt not only to the opposition parties as the stakeholders of the electoral process and the client of EC, but also his own office, and ultimately the Federal Constitution under which his office is constituted. Rashid has also given a slap on the face to all BN parliamentarians who have voted for the controversial Constitutional Amendment Bill which results in his automatic extension.

BERSIH: Tan Sri Rashid’s comments inappropriate and unprofessional

(Malay version here)

The Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections (BERSIH) calls upon the Election Commission Chairperson Tan Sri Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman to apologize and resign over his arrogant challenge to the opposition parties to boycott the elections if they doubted the integrity of the electoral process. His statements were made in an interview with Chinese daily Sin Chew on 1 January 2007.

Article 114(2) of the Federal Constitution stipulates “the importance of securing an Election Commission which enjoys public confidence”. Instead of winning public confidence by convincing his critics that he will endeavour to correct the flaws in the electoral process, Rashid issued this arrogant and irresponsible challenge. What sort of Election Commission administers elections just so that one party can participate and win hands-down?

Tan Sri Rashid’s unprofessional and totally inappropriate comments are disgraceful as he is duty-bound to ensure the full participation of all interested parties with the widest representation of the citizenry in any election under his watch.

BN breaches Election Offences Act

BERSIH condemns the BN for breaching Section 3 of the Election Offences Act 1954. In recent weeks, election banners, posters, flags and buntings have been put up at BN operation centres in the constituencies of Bukit Lanjan, Tanjong Sepat and Seri Kembangan. It is clearly stipulated in the Election Offences Act that any campaign material containing a reproduction of a ballot paper cannot be displayed during non-campaigning periods.

BERSIH demands that the EC take immediate action against the BN for blatantly flouting election laws and procedures.

Deceased Voters and Phantoms on Electoral Roll

Recently, BERSIH received an email pertaining to three IC numbers, which suggests that either the voters were aged 116, 108 and 109 OR 16, 8 and 9. On 31 December 2007, BERSIH called up the EC headquarters in Putrajaya to seek an explanation on the issue. We were informed that the said voters were deceased and were in the process of being removed.

In addition to that, we received a call from a Miss Sharmila (IC number: 73xxxx-14-5444) who tried to register as a voter at a post office in December 2007 but was told that she was already a voter in the polling district of Kg Wakaf Zain (state seat of Salor and parliamentary seat of Kubang Kerian) in Kelantan. She has since lodged a police report.

As the elections draws nearer, BERSIH will be keeping tabs on such registrations and encourages all Malaysians to check their status on the EC website, especially if they have never registered as a voter. BERSIH would also like to encourage all Malaysians to report irregularities and suspicious registrations to the Secretariat (03-79806571; info@bersih.org).

For enquiries, please contact the BERSIH secretariat at +603-79806571, +6019-2232002 or +6012-2192010.


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