A blogger was arrested for two hours on Christmas Eve

Here is another bad news. This time from home.

Apparently when a big part of the world, Christians and non-Christians, were busy preparing for their Christmas celebration, a Pahang-based blogger, Cucu Mat Kilau (“a grandson of a Pahang Malay nationalist hero”) was arrested by the police at about 10 am on Christmas Eve and released around 12.30 pm.

His release was on the ground that he was negative in the urine test (for drug addicts) but during his arrest, the special branch officers were interested on his blogs, ironically one warning about Malaysia becoming a Police State.

Read his own account and Jeff Ooi’s take with links to Pak Ron (with update) and Rocky Blu.

What shall we do? How shall you feel? Feel panic because there will be another crackdown, and this time on bloggers? No, your fear will only invite more arrests. Feel angry every time something goes wrong. You anger makes the wrongdoers  think twice – your resistance and counter-move may not be what they look for in the first place.

It’s the choice since time immemorial: Fight or Flight. Fear prepares one for flight while anger get one ready for fight. Your choice and their choice are inter-dependent. When one party chooses to flight, the other party will likely choose to fight and pursue the flighting party.

The choice is yours: fear or anger?


One response to “A blogger was arrested for two hours on Christmas Eve



    written by KopiO, December 18, 2007 18:47:57

    Here’s an idea on how to protest agains the spin-doctoring in Malaysian mainstream print media, which my friend and I came across it in a blog.


    Here’s the translation and gist of the article:

    Time: Main Concourse, Suria KLCC
    Date: 1 Jan 2008 (Public Holiday)
    Time: 3pm

    To do:
    1. Go to Suria KLCC Main Concourse on 1 Jan 2008 at 3pm.

    2. Bring a copy of local newspaper; it can be The Star, NST, Metro, Malay Mail, Utusan Melayu, Berita Harian, Sin Chew Jit Poh, Nanyang Siang Pow, or any Tamil dailies.

    3. At 3.30pm sharp, crumple the newspapers and throw them inside the rubbish bins.

    4. Disperse IMMEDIATELY

    DO NOT LITTER. If the rubbish bins are full, stack your newspapers on top of the pile. If you can’t do that, find other rubbish bins at 1st Floor or other floors. The ultimate goal is to dumb the newspapers collectively as the sign of protest!!
    Imagine this: FRUs guarding the rubbish bins, uniformed and plain clothes policemen arresting people for dumbing newspapers into the rubbish bins!


    Instead of any Tamil newspapers, may be you want to spare Makka Ossai, which I know has been very critical of Samy Vellu?
    Chin Huat

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