Who fund US elections?

These are the figures for the presidential race so far:

What’s Included Here?
 Individual $372,517,276
 PAC $2,884,431
 Party $22,690
 Candidate $18,765,108
Transfers-In $20,376,166
Disbursements $262,388,764
Cash On Hand $153,804,579
Size of Donations
$200 and Under $76,100,896
$200.01 – $499 $15,698,149
$500 – $999 $23,843,215
$1000 – $1999 $60,955,719
$2000 and Over $202,006,796

Malaysians and citizens of many authoritarian countries like to condemn American democracy as one ruled by money. Well, such criticism is not groundless but wait a minute: in the States, you at least know who have donated what amount of money for which candidate.

Try this disclosure data search.

You can know the breakdown for the money that fuels the presidential, house and senate campaigns.

May we know who had donated what amount of money to which parties in the 2004 Malaysian elections?

By the way, guess where I have got this information from? It’s Bill Lowrance, the president of PIAVA, Private Investigator Association of Virginia. That’s a place where private investigators can look into politicians’ life without worrying about C4.


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