Voter Registration at Post Offices – Have you encountered any problems?

Dr Xavier Jayakumar of BERSIH has received alert that 50 or more post offices have run out of voter registration forms. Let me know if you have encountered any problems.

Meanwhile, Medaline from BERSIH secretariat provides these useful information of postal office opening hours. From experience, EC in FT also seems to be more efficient than its counterpart in Selangor.

Today (Saturday, 22 Dec), Bangsar Baru post office (48, Jalan Telawi; tel: 03 22840219) is open till 10pm.

Subang Jaya post office (Lot 20913, Jalan Subang Utama; tel: 03 50399001) is open till 8pm.


3 responses to “Voter Registration at Post Offices – Have you encountered any problems?

  1. do they use registration forms? i thought it was on computers


    I haven’t tried it myself. I believe you can do it both. At least BERSIH receives complaints about both failure, on-line and off-line.

  2. I was advised not to change my polling station ( I have changed address in my IC ) earlier because it was thought that elections might be in Dec; however now that it would most probably be in March, should I just do it bec “it would make a difference”!


    Should the change not come into effect in time, you will only remain in the old constituency. In other words, you loose nothing by changing it the soonest possible even if it is too late. So, I would suggest you to change your registration. Please check from time to time to ensure you are not transported elsewhere. If you unfortunately becomes a victim, again, please alert the public. Not a single vote should be lost to electoral frauds. Merry Christmas!

    Chin Huat

  3. We went a couple of times to the Subang Jaya as well as Kelana Jaya post offices to be told no voter registration forms, however on calling the main Dayabumi postoffice we were told it is all computerised and no forms required, quite confusing. However however will now try the post offices in FT.

    Thanks, please keep us informed of your experience in FT. A statement from BERSIH should be out later. The registration of you and other concerned citizens would be the best new year gift to Malaysia’s democracy.

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