Seven RTM DJs sacked or suspended for joining HINDRAF Rally?

Updated version:

Thanks to Elan who alerted me this morning about the persecution of seven DJs at the RTM Tamil radio station Minnal FM for suspected participation in theHindraf Rally on November 25 which they have denied.

Minnal FM

Malaysiakini reported that they have been either sacked or suspended. The news was first broken by Tamil Daily Makkla Osai.

This is not an attack on the journalists alone. Neither is it an injustice upon our Indian brothers and sisters.

It is a political witch hunt aiming at all Malaysians, to deliver a chilling effect on all of us.

It is an assault on the Federal Constitution.

It makes a joke of Article 10 which guarantee our freedoms of expression, of peaceful assembly and of association.

It’s another Niemoller moment.Last night at Blog House, a brother reminded us that how most Malaysians were quiet when the state went after Al-Arqam.

We must not let our brothers and sisters at Minnal FM face the political witch hunt on their own. If they are cowed, you, me and everyone of us may be the next victim.

Now, it has nothing to do with whether they have actually attended the Hindraf rally or if you supported the Hindraf cause. In this light, it is commendable that PAS has defended Hindraf’s right to peacefully assemble even though they criticized Hindraf’s positions.

It has everything to do with defending our Constitution which guarantees our freedom.

Let us put up a yellow ribbon – the symbol for press freedom in Malaysia since 2001 and for a legitimately elected government since November 10, 2007 – to show our solidarity with our Tamil journalists.


Below is the explanation offered by Zainuddin Maidin, the Ministry of Information. Is it true? You decide.

Dewan Rakyat: Radio deejays ‘not fired for joining illegal rally’

10 December, 2007
KUALA LUMPUR: The contracts of two deejays of Tamil radio station Minnal fm were not extended due to indiscipline and unsatisfactory work performances. Information Minister Datuk Seri Zainuddin Maidin said RTM had received a report that the performances of the two contract workers were not satisfactory and that they had disobeyed orders and breached guidelines.

He denied opposition leader Lim Kit Siang’s claim in the Dewan Rakyat that seven deejays of Minnal fm, including the two, had their contracts terminated for participating in the illegal assembly held by Hindraf on Nov 25.

“I’ve received a letter from the radio station controller giving the reasons for their termination.” he said.

Zainuddin said, following the decision, five other Minnal fm deejays had expressed their unhappiness and accused the radio controller of being unfair.

An SMS was circulated accusing the controller of betraying the race and asking recipients to spread the message to others, he added.

Zainuddin said the radio controller had also received death threats and the matter had been reported to the police.

“The accusation that the government did not extend their service contracts to suppress the Indian community is baseless. This issue has been exploited by certain groups to embarrass the government.” — Bernama


3 responses to “Seven RTM DJs sacked or suspended for joining HINDRAF Rally?

  1. They have been suspended, apparently on the suspicion that they may have taken part in the Hindraf rally. It is my understanding that all seven have denied their participation in the rally.

    Witch hunt? Most certainly.

    Thanks, Elan.


  2. Well as far as i know these 7 f****** / id***s are lazy /productive / creating building blockes and arrogant . They deserved it….its is better for them to get out of this indistry as it is not for them…( I am not supporting RTM – ZAM as he is a nother useless id***)

  3. I particularly love this little parting line of Zainuddin:

    “This issue ……… certain groups to embarrass the government.” — Bernama

    No genius, the government does that all by itself. Regularly.

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