Ops Free Bananas (I)

Free Bananas, No Strings Attached!Here’re your free bananas (Chong Soon)

2007-11-24. The Eve of Hindraf Rally.

Chong Soon and I stood at the entrance of OUG Plaza for one hour from 6pm to 7pm.

We gave away free bananas. Many thought that we were sales persons. It took us sometimes to convince some of them that there were no strings attached to those bananas.

Free Bananas, Family Encounter 1Free Bananas, Family Encounter 2Free Bananas, Family Encounter 3

There may not be such things as free lunch, but they were indeed such things as free bananas. Some just walked by us curiously.

Please take one, Cik! (Chong Soon)I want two, thanks!

Some simply accepted our free bananas. One old man came back for his second serving.

Some asked us why these free bananas were for.

We simply answered, smilingly: “We are celebrating Yellow Saturday”.

Some walked away satisfied with that answers.

Some asked further what this Yellow Saturday was about.

We then reminded them the 50,000 rally on November 10. “This is our way of keeping the message alive.”

We invited those interested to wear yellow every Saturday. “Next time, if you see a bunch of people in yellow on a Saturday, you know that is not coincidence. The government will know too.”

An uncle who did not accept our bananas stayed on and watched us for at least 20 minutes. Another gentleman, younger and was with his children, later joined in our discussions of politics. They were obviously skeptical that giving or taking bananas can change politics in the country.

Neither did we. We just wanted to do something on that lovely Yellow Saturday.

But one man apparently did believe in the power of bananas. He took one banana on his way in. When we later asked him to take another on his way out, he rejected. And as I remember, his answer was “ISA”.


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